Two burgers in one week, who would have thought it? Well its happened. Read onward and find out how our first and potentially only independent restaurant fairs against the established bigger hitters.

Prior to going we had some nice correspondence telling us about where the burgers are from and also I was enquiring about the situation about burgers being cooked pink and the grey area regarding the legalities surrounding it.

BOBO SOCIAL supplied this information from media clippings:
Our food is all sourced in Britain and is of exceptional quality. Our beef changes weekly and always comes from a rare-breed herd from across Britain. We know each cow’s journey from birth to arriving at Bobo! Our burgers are cooked in a Kopa Charcoal Oven which is basically like an indoor barbecue, cooking at temperatures of 300 Celcius – this seals the meat immediately keeping all the succulent juices locked inside. These are cooked over single species wood which enhances the flavour through the smoke. Again, this changes weekly, so we hope to give a slightly different experience each time a guest visits.

In terms of the pink/rare situation – this is an EHO* demand. To legally serve beef rare/pink there’s about a 3 month process to go through to prove the quality/origin/journey of the beef from slaughter to serving. As our beef is of the quality it is and we can trace the whole journey, (to the point each burger is from one singular cow, not a minced mix of many) we are one of the few restaurants allowed to serve it as we wish – even completely blue!

The information was a great precursor to our visit, adding clarity to some details we wanted to find out and I must admit, I was very much looking forward to the visit.

We were promptly shown to our table on arrival in the upstairs room, a long, narrow fairly chic looking room with a bar, serving hatch where we could see the three chefs fluttering around and half a dozen tables of which all but ours was taken. We ordered some water which came in three tumblers and studied the menu, handwritten at the top was the type of wood they were using this week to cook with ‘Cherry’ and the location where the meat was from ‘Hereford’. The prices were a step up from anywhere we had been previously as a cheeseburger alone with the addition of +£1 for cheese would come in at almost £10 and just over £3 for chips. Luckily Monday to Wednesday offered burger and side for £10 which became a much better value proposition. For the sides we chose our usual fries which were described as ‘skin-on’ cooked in beef dripping and for the other – sweet potato fries with truffle salt. The burgers were 6oz rare-breed beef.

After waiting quite a while the food arrived and there were several errors in the order between the two of us and our cameraman. First error was the onions on our camera man’s burger when he asked for no onions, secondly they forgot his truffle shavings on his burger and then when they arrived after prompting them after they had forgotten they were just big chunky pieces and didn’t even taste like truffle, the same for the fries – the sweet potato fries claimed to be with truffle salt but there was not even a hint of it on there, these were plain and ordinary but not half as ordinary as the beef dripping fries which were very poor, a small portion of thin fries with their skin-on, extremely skinny and tasteless and we certainly didn’t taste the beef dripping, we were wondering if these stylish menu claims were claims and they were more style over substance.

As for the burger the meat was very, very good no qualms about that, the only problem really was the size, I finished the meal and I was still hungry, the novelty brioche bun with a Bobo ‘B’ burned into the top tasted fine and was an ok size itself but the surface area of the patty would be lucky to cover 70% of the bun and it wasn’t overly thick. The salad was minimal in the burger and the cheese was complimentary as per usual in the bun despite the added £1 charge for cheese. Condiments were sitting already on the table – mayo and ketchup but there wasn’t really enough if the table was full of people to go round. Chips were served in cups of various sizes and shapes and the plates were all different, this was the intention I am sure as part of the style but leads to unequal portions of sides and all just seems a bit wayward. Anyway on a lighter note the burger was cooked perfectly and tasted very nice but in our opinion it wouldn’t warrant return visits given pricing, especially with the 12.5% service charge added on at the end of the meal which under usual circumstances already bumps up an over inflated price tag on the food. Onward and upward for our next outing where we will opt for either Shakeshack or Big Fernand. Tune in next week for Week 6.

*EHO=Envionmental health officer Google tells me