The honest burgers experience was a supremely pleasant one from start to finish. After an inquisitive member of staff inquired as to what we were doing filming our entrance video, we were shown to our seats and greeted with a single sided hard menu board with a paper sheet attached. The selection was limited but refined. What struck me initially was how fries came inclusive with every burger rather than the usual +£3 to have them initially, this immediately scored bonus points for value in my mind.

The interior of the restaurant was decorated in a rustic fashion with a lot of wood but looked clean and stylish, the tables had sufficient space around them and the atmosphere was a pleasant one with 3/4 of tables taken by diners.

Each week we will be selecting the traditional standard cheeseburger and fries option so that comparisons can be kept as fair and level as possible. None of the Honest produce is ever frozen and they have daily meat deliveries of their chosen beef from farms in Yorkshire, homegrown beef is a definite plus point. An enquiry was made by the very friendly waitress as to how we wanted our burgers cooking we opted for the standard medium. There were several cheeses on offer including American, Red Leicester and cheddar of which we opted for the classic English cheddar.

In under ten minutes our burgers arrived to our table served with the complimentary rosemary fries. The burger wasn’t particularly large but at £9 with the fries represented excellent value.

The brioche bun was quite plain and ordinary – nothing special at all but it certainly put more focus on the contents of the burger itself. A small amount of salad inside largely went unnoticed and only served to add some texture to the burger, the patty was solid and substantially deep, cooked to perfection. It wasn’t too greasy nor too dry and was pure meat with no sign of gristle or fat anywhere inside. The burger was very tasty but it fell somewhat short of having that wow factor.

On the table was the standard Heinz Ketchup/Hellmanns Mayo combination to compliment the meal.

The fries were slightly on the soft side but the rosemary and salt complimented and enhanced them, they appeared to be odd shapes and sizes leaning towards a hand cut style treatment. The portion all in all was sufficient and just the right amount for lunch despite the burger bun looking a little on the small side initially. All in all a great start to proceedings.